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History of AvGas Timeline

1903 1st Flight - Wright Brothers

1927 U.S. Navy began using gasoline containing lead

1940 High Octane refining alkylation process developed

1970 Moved away from multiple grades to 100LL

1996 U.S. EPA ban - EPA bans use of lead in autogas

2006 Friends of the Earth petitions EPA - to regulate lead in aviation gasoline

2010 EPA proposed rule on lead emissions - from piston-engine aircraft

2012 UAT ARC

Unleaded Avgas Transition Aviation Rule making Committee final report issued

2013 EPA lead emissions study at 17 airports

2013 PAFI formed

2021 NASEM report on lead in Avgas issued

Jan 2022 EPA announced it will evaluate the impact of leaded avgas on public health

Feb 2022 EAGLE initiative begins

Oct 2022 EPA proposed endangerment finding on lead emissions from aircraft